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Do you offer professional grooming?

No, we do not. We’ve found that grooming can be very stressful to some cats, and we want Bend Kitty Lodge to be a place your cat enjoys going. It’s important to us that each kitty feels safe, secure, and happy.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Friday, 9 am to Noon and 4pm to 6pm, Saturday from 9 am to Noon and Sunday from 4 pm to 6 pm. We are closed on holidays.

Can I pick up and drop off on Holidays or after hours?

We do not offer pick up or drop off on holidays. We are at the facility for the cats only, for socialization, feeding, and cleaning purposes. Kitty Care is 365 days a year, from sunrise to sunset. Our primary focus is loving care for cats. For special circumstances other than on holidays, we will accommodate an after-hours drop off or pick up for a fee of $25.

Do you allow tours of the Lodge?

Yes! We are very proud of the design and cleanliness of our facility. We welcome tours during business hours. You do not even need to make an appointment – just come in during business hours and we are happy to give you a tour of the entire facility! This includes all of our suites and the kitty playroom.

Will my cats get individual attention?

Absolutely! We are expert “Cat Cuddlers.”- We are a boarding hotel dedicated to pampering your cat while you are away. Our facility was designed to offer our kitty clients attention, exercise, and mental stimulation. 

What’s included?

  • A private suite for each guest
  • Multiple daily feedings of your cat’s food from home, or our premium dry food
  • Closely monitor water and food intake (and output!)
  • Litter box and litter
  • Food and water bowls
  • A soft, snuggly kitty bed
  • Petting, cuddling, or just hanging out times
  • Housekeeping several times a day
  • Relaxing music developed for cats
  • Every suite has shelves and ramps for climbing and lounging
  • A “playtime treat” of catnip
  • For shy kitties we can provide places to hide out in their suites.
  • A dog free and “bark-free” zone

Do you give medications? Injections?

Bend Kitty Lodge is one of the only feline boarding facilities that will go the extra-mile in caring for special needs kitties. We are able to board diabetic cats, asthmatic cats, geriatric cats, and other special needs kitties. We understand they require a level of care most facilities cannot give. 

Medications will be provided by the cat owner in the original container, appropriately labeled with the veterinary information and directions.

Can I call during my vacation to see how my cat is doing?

Of course! We are happy to let you know how your kitty is settling in. 

What are your vaccination requirements?

Rabies vaccine must be current.
FVRCP vaccine must be current.
FeLV vaccine must be current only for cats going in to our community room with other cats.

You may email or fax your certificate to us at: or Fax: 541-318-5357

* Some kitties are exempt from vaccines under special circumstances, ie: old age. We will honor your vet’s recommendation, but please provide documentation from your vet.