Bend_Kitty_Lodge_Header_Cat_02THE DELUXE | $28 per Day

Bend Kitty Lodge_The Deluxe Bend Kitty Lodge_Deluxe walk in

The Deluxe is a private walk-in room for your cat. This private walk-in room includes windows for your cat to look out of and enough room for up to 3 kitty friends to share.

  • Approximately 4′ x 5′ and floor to ceiling
  • Great for up to 3 kitties
  • Windows and window boxes 
  • Cat scratchers and other furniture set up to meet your cat/s’ specific needs

We dedicate ourselves to your cat’s needs, giving personal attention, love and exercise so you can relax on your vacation knowing your pet is in good hands. At Bend Kitty Lodge we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that your feline companions receive the very best care available. And, if your cat is anything like ours, they need attention. We’re not talking about a chin scratch from a finger poked through a cage. We mean time spent in their suite, petting, a game of chase, a treat, or a nice brush out. So, we offer you a one of a kind boarding experience for felines – one that meets their needs in every way and an experience that gives you peace of mind.

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