Bend_Kitty_Lodge_Header_Cat_02Boarding Fees

Cats are fed two to three times a day, and are petted and played with throughout the day.

  • The Standard private room is $14.00 per day.
  • The Deluxe private walk-in room is $18.00 per day.
  • The Catio private walk-in suite is $16.00 per day (Summer Season Only) April – October.
  • The Common Playroom Suite – full sized indoor room with access to an outside enclosed play area; stocked with play tunnels, stairs, and shelves on the wall, several beds, and toys! This room is $14.00 per day.
  • Additional cats may share any suite for $10 a day each.
  • Medications: There is a $2.00 administration fee per day per cat for medication prescribed by a veterinary doctor; i.e., pills, gels, trans-dermal gels, suspensions, etc.

Exceptions: the exceptions to this fee are over the counter medications such as vitamins or supplements that can be mixed in the food. There is no charge for medications that may be mixed in the food.
You are more than welcome to bring your kitty’s favorite toys and bedding.


Senior (62 and older) – 10% Discount
30 days or more – 10% Discount